Ic hallucinations (hh): up to 50%-sleep paralysis (sp): up to 60%-fewer than 50% of pts have entire sx complex-14-42% have cataplexy, hh, sp cataplexy -atonia from rem extends into wakeful hours-muscular weakness ranging from barely perceptible slackening of facial muscles to dropping of the jaw or head, weakness at the knees, or a total collapse. buy cheap viagra buy cheap viagra Viagra taken by younger men -usually speech is slurred, vision is impaired (double vision, inability to focus), but hearing and awareness remain normal-attacks are triggered by strong emotions such as exhilaration, anger, fear, surprise, orgasm, and laughter hyponogogic hallucination -vivid, often frightening, dream-like experiences that occur while awakee. generic viagra fast shipping buy viagra gold online Is viagra safe for the elderly G. buy viagra discount online viagra womens india viagra womens india See someone in the room that is not really there, hear someone calling you name when no one is there, etc. viagra for sale how to use viagra pills viagra buy Sleep paralysis -temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis)-resmebles rem atonia narcolepsy: consequences -psyhosocial and socioeconomic -eds narcolepsy: dx -polysomnography-multiple sleep latency test (take naps and measure amt of time is takes to fall asleep, records pts brain waves or eeg, heart rate or ekg, muscle activity and eye movements) -average sleep latency is <5 min narcolepsy: tx -safety-stimulant for eds-tricyclic antidepressents for hh, sp, cataplexy examples of stimulants for eds -methylphenidate-dextroamphetamine-methamphetamine-modafinal narcolepsy: cause role of hypocretin (lack of hypocretin) insomnia: prevalance -most common of all sleep related complaints-up to 30% of adult population is insomnia diagnositic entity? viagra how long to take before Price viagra 100mg walmart howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheapest-viagra-online-pharmacy-hc/ No, it is a symptom not a diagnostic entity insomnia: sx -perception of unrestored sleep insomnia: consequences -soceoeconomic-mood-performances insomnia: dx -thorough hx and pe-sleep logs-actigraphy (watch type thing pt wears at night, measure how active they are during night) insomnia: tx -identiy underlying medical or psychiatric conditions and treat if necessary-combination of behavioral and pharmacologial therapy is often effective-stimulus control therapy (most important and effective! viagra for daily use canadian pharmacy best price for generic viagra )-sleep res. viagra womens india cheap viagra without a prescription viagra orodispersible bayer kaufen howtosmudge.com/pjn-buy-viagra-without-prescription-ae/ Welcome to Abboud Research Consulting